Hon Developments has established a reputation as a forward-thinking developer with a focus on innovative urban projects with careful attention to detail and amenities that complement the lives of residents. For Hon Developments, design is more than just an aesthetic consideration. It’s a problem-solving tool to improve the lives of those that live, work and play within its developments.

Make Projects

Make Projects is a project management service provider based in Vancouver. As experienced, professional leaders and managers, Make Projects provide creative vision for project development and construction across the Residential, Commercial, Education, Health Care, Municipal, and Industrial sectors. Make Projects have over 100 years of combined work experience, and have led over $2 billion in combined project value.

Rositch Hemphill Architects

RH Architects Inc. is a Vancouver-based architectural firm that has been active for more than 30 years and consistently ranks among the top firms in the city. Taking the lead role in coordinating all the myriad components that go into a project, RHA help their clients develop their vision, guide them through the design and manage them in their decision making. Numerous awards for many projects attest to the influence of RHA, but the continued ongoing success of their clients says even more. RHA strive to create successful developments by creating vibrant, rich, and rewarding communities.

Insight Design Group

Insight Design Group is an award-winning Vancouver based Interior Design firm with a focus on Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Projects. Insight Design is a dynamic group committed to an enthusiastic approach in everything they do. Since 1995, Insight has been involved with some of the most successful developments and projects in Vancouver and throughout Canada. Each project is handled individually with the personalized attention it deserves.

Magnum Projects Ltd.

Magnum has been at the forefront of Vancouver luxury condo marketing since 1991, operating with a disciplined approach that ensures every home matches the needs and desires of today’s most discerning buyers. Led by George Wong and Lily Korstanje, Magnum’s rigorous attention to detail, efficient and effective communication campaigns, and highly personalized sales programs appeal to a broad range of buyers, resulting in consistently strong sales and service.

Rize Alliance Properties

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